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High Tech Product Overview Training

Honeywell Analytics High Tech

  • $ 985.00USD

High Tech Custom Training Request Form

This is a custom course tailored to your company's needs please see below for product training content that can be covered in any combination that works for your requirements.  Don't see exactly what you need...Please fill out the attached form and email it to: in order to get a quote and schedule training.

The High-Tech training course provides a comprehensive look at our industry leading High-Tech products. Students will learn use, basic configuration and maintenance items for each of the products. Products Covered: Vertex & Vertex-M (1.5 days), Vertex Edge (1.5 Days), SPM Flex (1/2 Day), ACM-150 (1.5 Days), Midas & Midas-M (1/2 Day) ... course content can be any combination of the above products based on the customers operational requirements. 

Note: Course price of $985.00 is per day/per student. Number of days will be determined based on the equipment selected in training request form.

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